Frequently Asked Questions

Which organisations can receive a delivery?

If they are a registered charity, prepare meals or provide snacks and sign our service agreement, they qualify.

Do you deliver to individuals?

No, we supply charities that support individuals.

Do you charge anyone?

No. The service is freeĀ of charge to both the suppliers and the charities. We think it would be unfair to charge for food that is free.

Are there charities you will not deliver to?

No, provided they meet the previous conditions, we do not discriminate or differentiate.

What do you provide?

We currently will provide fruit, vegetables, bakery and dairy products, as well as dried goods. We do not provide meat or fish. We do not accept or deliver supplies beyond the USE by date.

How do you ensure continuity and variety of supply?

By collecting food fromĀ multiple suppliers each day and collecting/storing at the depot overnight, we usually ensure a consistent level of supply and equal distribution to all the charities.